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Travel Hacking: How to Travel the World for Next to Nothing

A step-by-step system for using award travel to pay for all your future trips and vacations
Huntly Mayo Malasky
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Become an expert Travel Hacker
Learn how to never pay full price for airfare or hotels again
Learn to secure completely free flights

Would you like to be able to go on a relaxing beach getaway or an exciting adventure trip and pay for it with award travel instead of cash?

Here’s how:

Introducing Travel Hacking: An in-depth course on how to use award travel to eliminate your biggest travel expenses.

Being a travel hacker means having the ability to travel anywhere you want… without breaking the bank.

I’m Huntly Mayo – seasoned travel hacker, personal finance blogger, and lifestyle entrepreneur. Over the past few years I’ve enjoyed the immense benefits of travel hacking – mainly traveling the world for next to nothing.

Along the way I discovered some things you probably already know: there are so many great reasons to travel

  • Exposure to exciting and new experiences!
  • Escape from the stress of everyday life!
  • Build relationships with your loved ones and friends
  • Meet new, interesting people
  • Learn about new cultures (or more about your own!)
  • Enjoy authentic, delicious food
  • …And more!

But traveling, especially to those far off, exotic places, usually costs a lot of cash. Unless you’re a travel hacker…

So… What’s Travel Hacking?

Put simply, it's a way to secure airlines tickets, hotel stays, and lodging, for far below market prices.

Travel Hacking involves leveraging loyalty programs, your own value as a consumer, and a variety of strategies and tactics to earn and redeem award travel.

Over the last couple of years I’ve spent hundreds of hours experimenting and optimizing to create a travel hacking system…

That’s brought me all over the globe, from Thailand to Paris, Argentina to Egypt, Greece, and more… AND it’s given me the opportunity to bring others along with me, and even send some of my own family members on trips of their own. All through travel hacking and at almost no out of pocket cost.

I’ve packed everything I’ve learned along the way into this course, including a proven system for travel hacking your way to any destination you can think of.

Here’s a taste of what you get with the course:

  • A Step by Step Framework for getting you to your dream destinations for next to nothing
  • Tested Strategies for finding and booking international flights with total cash costs of under $25
  • Advanced Travel Hacking Tactics for securing completely free flights
  • Detailed Video Walkthroughs of how to execute those tactics and strategies
  • Course Practical: You'll book your own practice trips during the class… Because experience is the BEST teacher
  • Continued Lecture Updates to cover major developments in the travel hacking landscape
  • And much more

So if you’re interested in experiencing all that travel has to offer, without paying all it “has” to cost, you’re ready to become a travel hacker…

But there is one piece of bad news…

This course is not available to everyone.

If you want to find out if you qualify, watch the free, short introduction video to the class.

One more thing…

This course comes with a rock-solid 30-day guarantee on your investment.

But wait, doesn’t Udemy already have that on all their classes?

Yes – And I’m adding mine as an extension to that, for an effective 60 day guarantee.

That’s how confident I am in the value this course delivers.

If you don’t benefit from the travel hacking system covered in this course, and it’s past the 30 day Udemy refund period and within 60 days of when you signed up, send me an email and show me you’re executing the material and not getting results. I’ll happily refund 100% of what you’ve paid for the course.

So watch the introduction video to see if you qualify, then sign up today risk free to start your travel hacking journey.

See you soon,

Huntly Mayo

P.S. The initial course price of $79 is a short term offering to build students and positive reviews.

I believe this system and collection of strategies is worth far more than that, so I plan on raising the price of the course soon… Sign up now to lock in the initial discounted rate!

Travel Hacking Introduction

Introducing Travel Hacking


  1. Credit Sesame
  2. My Other Udemy Course! Credit Score 101
Course Overview

Thank you for joining the course and taking the exciting first step towards eliminating your travel expenses!

This Lecture: Course Table of Contents

Travel Hacker's CS Bootcamp

Condensed Version of Credit Score 101 (My Free, Complete Course on Credit Scores).


Credit Sesame

Do You Qualify to Be a Travel Hacker?

Travel Hacking: An amazing way to secure virtually free flights and hotel rooms

But it isn't a system available for everyone...

To qualify, you need to have good personal credit (score above 700)

Get your score for free in under 5 minutes at Credit Sesame to find out if you qualify!

Make sure to watch the end of this lecture to see the interesting effects travel hacking had on my own credit score over the last year.

And if you don't qualify to travel hack yet, all is not lost!

For ways to boost and build your credit, and to qualify to travel hack...

Check out my comprehensive free course on credit scores: Credit Score 101


1) Credit Sesame

2) Credit Karma

Best Practices and Strategies

Follow these high level strategies and best practices to ensure a smooth travel hacking journey...

  1. Patience
  2. Planning & Foresight
  3. Flexibility
  4. Hang Up, Call Back!
  5. Be Friendly & Polite
  6. Organization

Organizational Tool:

Award Wallet

Travel Hacking QuickStart Guide!

Travel Hacking QuickStart Guide

Jumpstart your earnings by applying for one of the most flexible travel hacking credit cards, the Chase Sapphire Preferred.


Chase Sapphire Preferred

Note: I am not affiliated with Chase and this link is directly to their website, you can also find it by searching "Chase Sapphire Preferred" online. I do not earn anything from you signing up for this offer.

Travel Hacking: The Basics

Travel Hacking Introduction

1) Earning Award Currency

2) Redeeming Award Travel

3) Travel Hacking Framework


Earnings Introduction

Earning Miles & Points Overview

Best Methods:

1) High Value Credit Cards Signup Bonuses (Disproportionate Results)

2) Targeted Spending & Bonuses

3) Paid Travel Expenses

Review Signup Process

Link Reminder: Chase Sapphire Preferred

Credit Card Reconsideration Calls
Meeting Spending Minimums

Spending Minimum Tactics

1) Put any and all spending on your card

2) Amazon Payments

3) WilliamPaid: Pay Rent With Credit Card

4) ChargeSmart: Pay Student Loans and Other Bills with Credit Card

5) ...Even More Spending Minimum Tactics: More Ways to Meeting Spending Minimums

Earnings: Diving Deeper

A Closer Look at Earnings

Top Credit Card Companies:

1) Chase

2) American Express

3) Starwood Preferred Guest

Examining Targeted Spending Bonuses and Online Shopping Portals

High Powered Business Earnings: A Fit For You?

Common Myths Surrounding Business Credit Cards:

1) You have to be a incorporated to qualify for a business card... Untrue!

2) You have to be a large, profitable business to qualify for a business card... Also Untrue!

You may qualify for a business card without knowing it!

Business Card Application Video Walkthrough

How to Fill Out a Business Card Application as a Sole Proprietor

Remember: Always be truthful with all your responses

Business Card Application Reference Sheet
Earnings: Final Thoughts

Final Earning Tips

1) Focus on the Right Award Currency: Credit Card Selection & Targeted Spending

2) Start Slow, Monitor & Track Everything, STOP if buying a home within 2 years

Yearly Earning Potential: 3+ International Roundtrip Flights! Or even more for flights within the U.S.!

Top Current Earning Opportunities

1) Million Mile Secrets

2) The Points Guy


Award Travel Introduction

Award Travel Overview

  • Frequent Flyer Miles
  • Transferring Points
  • Airline Alliances
Finding and Booking Award Travel

Award Flight Basics

  1. Time Horizon
  2. Flexibility
  3. Award Price Differences
  4. Patience & Account Signups
Award Travel Step 1

Link: Milez.biz

Step 1: Video Walkthrough

Link: Milez.biz

Course Practical: Step 1
Award Travel Step 2


Airline Alliance Airline Member Listings

i. OneWorld Members

ii. Star Alliance Members

iii. Skyteam Members

Alliance Search Tools

i. Oneworld Alliance Route Map

ii. Star Alliance Flight Search tool

iii. Skyteam Search

Step 2: Video Walkthrough
Course Practical: Step 2
Award Travel Step 3
Step 3: Video Walkthrough #1
Course Practical: Step 3
Step 3: Part B
Course Practical: Step 3 - Part B
Course Practical: Step 3 - Part C
Step 3: Video Walkthrough #2

ANA Links

  1. ANA Account Registration Link
  2. Instruction article to "trick" the ANA website into thinking you have miles
  3. Log in to your award account on this page to search for flights (bookmark this link)

Course Practical Step 3 - Part D (Final)


Award Nexus

Step 3: Video Walkthrough #3


Award Nexus

Course Practical: Step 3 - Part D
Steps 4 & 5
Win 10,000 Miles & Fast Track Your Earnings!

What: Quarterly Contest giving away 10k miles to a student who shares the course...
How: Share the course with friends! Use Facebook, Twitter, and More!
2 Entries: Facebook - Share on Facebook By Clicking Here!
1 Entry: Twitter - Tweet By Clicking Here!
3 Entries: If Someone You Refer Signs Up You Get 3 Entries! So feel free to share via email or other means as well using this link: Travel Hacking: How to Travel for Next to Nothing

Award Travel: Strategy

Award Flights: Diving Deeper
Award Planning Strategy
Airline Spotlight #1: Avios
Airline Spotlight #2: Rapid Rewards

Southwest Links

  1. Southwest Flight Map
  2. Southwest Most Served Cities
  3. Southwest Companion Pass Detailed Article

Recent Update!

Southwest will begin flying to a few international destinations in the Caribbean starting in July 2014. The destinations are below, and will only have flights from a few cities in the US, but you can route through those to get access to these new destinations.

  • Aruba
  • The Bahamas
  • Jamaica
Airline Spotlight #3: Long Haul International Travel
Airline Spotlight #4: Short Haul International Travel

Advanced Travel Hacking

Advanced Travel Hacking Tactics
Advanced Tactic Video Walkthrough: The Stopover
Advance Travel Hacking Tactic #2: Open Jaws
Course Practical: Advanced Tactics
Advanced Tactic: FREE One-Ways
Advanced Tactic Video Walkthrough: FREE One-Way
Review: Advanced Travel Hacking

Hacking Hotels & Lodging

Hotel & Lodging Hacking Overview
Hotel Hacking Basics
Hotel Loyalty Programs

Hotel Program Property Listings

  1. Starwood Preferred Guest
  2. Hilton
  3. Hyatt
  4. IHG
Hacking Lodging: Beyond Hotels

Beyond Lodging: Links

  1. Airbnb
  2. Homeaway
  3. Couchsurfing

Course Conclusion

Informational Lecture: More Advanced Travel Hacking (Earnings)

Travel Hacking: Advanced Earnings

Note: The material in this lecture is for informational purposes only

Course Review

Thank You For Taking This Course!

Feel free to review it and share with friends! The more travel hackers, the merrier!

I will post continued lecture updates based on student feedback and changes in the travel hacking world.

Additional Learning Resources

  1. Million Mile Secrets
  2. The Points Guy
  3. Flyer Talk
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