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Microsoft Word Level 1 – Beginner Word

Learn Microsoft Word skills that will give you a solid foundation by a Certified Word Specialist and Word Expert
Kirt Kershaw
77 students enrolled
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Build a solid foundation on the Basics of Microsoft Word
Select, move, insert, copy, cut and navigate text with ease
Set Tab Stops and their Alignments
Create Tables to organize your data, and perform calculations
Create numbered or bulleted lists and custom multilevel lists
Edit and modify your document’s Headers and Footers
Tips, tricks and shortcuts by a Multi-Certified Microsoft Trainer with over 17 years of Word training

Quickly Get a Solid Foundation on Word Basics   

During this Microsoft Word Level 1 – Beginner course you will gain a solid foundation on which you will build the rest of your Word experience on. Enroll now and I’ll guide you step-by-step, through the basics of working with documents, tables, proofing and page appearance. In very little time you will master the basics of Word that’ll provide a sure foundation for more advanced Word techniques. 

At completion of this course you will have mastered the most popular Word basic tools and have the foundational skills with a sureness to complete many daily Word tasks with efficiency and ease.   Below are just a few of the topics that you will master in Word:   

  • Build a solid understanding on the basics of Microsoft Word

  • Step by step in creating Microsoft Word Documents

  • Entering, editing, selecting, navigating, searching and formatting text fast

  • Quickly find text within your document using the Navigation pane or Find feature

  • Organize a list of items with numbers, bullets, symbols or pictures

  • Easily place page breaks and modify your document’s layout

  • Working with Tab Stops and their Alignments

  • Add Headers and Footers at the top and, or bottom of all page

  • Formatting shortcuts, shortcut keys, and Painter

  • Add page borders and colors and document watermarks

Word Introduction - First Look

Word Introduction - First Look

Word 2016 introduction for beginners who want to get started with the first look at Word 2016, by Microsoft Certified Trainer, Word 2016 Specialist and Expert.

Word Level 1 - Beginner

Exercise Files, Instructor's Notes, Quiz and Answers
  1. Exercise Files  - the exercise files are provided for you to practice what you've  learned after watching the training videos. The exercise files are  numbered, and are the exact same as the instructor uses in the video   

  2. Instructor Notes - are quick notes about the  main points covered in the training videos, and are typically used to  reference a point quickly without having to watch the entire training  video over again  

  3. Quiz & Answers - there are two separate  .pdf files: Quiz and Answers. The Quiz has one question for each video  to test yourself on what was presented, and of course the answers to  compare


Customize Word Environment

Word 2016 Tutorial on how to customize your Word 2016 environment like the Status Bar, Office Theme, User name, Initials, Save As, Default local file location and Save AutoRecover information in this Word 2016 training video on customization.

Quick Access Toolbar

Word 2016 tutorial on how to customize the Quick Access Toolbar by adding commands in numerous ways, and how to remove them as well as you'll see in this Word 2016 training video.


Word 2016 tutorial on how to customize the Ribbon including the many ways you can add commands, show, hide and create new tabs and restore back to it's original settings in this Word 2016 Ribbon training video.

Basics on Creating a Document

Word 2016 tutorial on the basics of how to create a document including: entering text, paragraph, text wrap, show and hide codes, and AutoCorrect in this Word 2016 training video

Save & Save As
Compatibility Checker

Word 2016 Tutorial on how to check the compatibility of the current version of Word when converting it to an earlier version of Word. For example, some features in Word 2016 may not appear, or function in earlier version of Word, and the Compatibility feature will check to see what current Word 2016 features won't convert.

Converting Previous Versions to Latest

Word 2016 tutorial on how to convert previous versions of Word documents like: 1997, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 to the latest version of Word 2016.

Convert Document to PDF

Word 2016 tutorial on how to convert your Word document to a PDF file.

Print Layout, Read, Web, Outline & Draft Document Viewing Modes

Word 2016 training video on the five different ways to view your documents: Print Layout, Full Screen Reading, Web Layout, Outline and Draft. See it in action in our Word 2016 training video on document views!

Print & Print Preview

Word 2016 tutorial on how to print your document, as well as the print preview that shows you what your printed page(s) will look like prior to printing.

Tell Me or The New Help Me Feature

Word 2016 tutorial on the new "Tell me what you want to do" feature that allows you to type in keywords to execute a command, "Get Help on", or "Smart Lookup" that will search the web to "Explore", or "Define" your keyword.

Basics Quiz

Editing Text

Navigating & Selecting Text

Word 2016 tutorial on how to navigate through the document, pages, words and characters and selecting characters, words and paragraphs.

Move, Insert, Copy & Paste Data

Word 2016 tutorial on how to move, insert, copy and paste text, numbers, or data into cells, or range of cells in a spreadsheet, or workbook.


Word 2016 tutorial on the Clipboard, which is a task pane you can pull up to store up to 24 items that you've cut, or copied; and from there paste those items either one-by-one or all at the same time.

Undo, Redo & Repeat

Word 2016 training video on how to undo errors, redo an undo and repeat a recent action with a single click.

Find, Search & Navigation Pane

Word 2016 tutorial on how to find keyword(s) within your document fast using the Find feature, or the Navigation pane which includes as is search options: headings, pages and results.

Advanced Find, Replace & GoTo Feature

Word 2016 tutorial on how to use the Advanced Find feature to find content in your document with more advanced options and criteria. Also, I'll cover the replace and GoTo feature as well.

Editing Text Quiz

Format Text & Paragraphs

Formatting Text

Word 2016 tutorial on how to apply formats to your text like: italics, bold, underline, color; and bonus content includes the Format Painter where you can quickly apply formatting from one area of formatted text to another, as well as the secret shortcut of the F4 key!

Tab Stops

Word 2016 tutorial on how to use Tab Stops, and how they can make your document navigation and editing become more efficient.

Align Paragraphs & Hyphenate

Word 2016 tutorial on how to align paragraphs and hyphenate words.

Paragraph Indents - First Line, Hanging, Left & Right

Word 2016 tutorial on the four types of paragraph indents: first line, hanging, left and right.

Line & Paragraph Spacing

Word 2016 tutorial on how to increase or decrease the space between your lines or paragraphs.

Creating a Numbered, Bulleted or Multilevel List

Word 2016 tutorial on how to create a list of items with numbers, bullets, or as a multilevel list.

Borders & Shading

Word 2016 tutorial on how to add borders around and color, or shading to your paragraphs.

Applying & Modifying Styles

Word tutorial on how to apply and modify Word styles. Styles are a collection of complimentary formats that can be applied in a single click. Also, important is to know that Heading Styles are to be used when using other more advanced features in Word like for example, when it comes to creating a Table of Contents as Word will only search for and pull in its own Heading Styles.

Reveal & Clear Formats

Word 2016 tutorial on the Reveal Formatting feature that will display the formats currently applied to your selected text, and you'll also see how to clear the formatting as well.

Format Text & Paragraphs Quiz


How to Create a Table

Word 2016 tutorial on how to create a table that will allow you to organize your data into cells.

Modifying Tables

Word 2016 tutorial on how to modify a table including: inserting, deleting, shifting and modifying the table's cells.

Quick Tables

Word 2016 tutorial on Quick Tables which are predefined, preformatted tables that can be inserted in a single click.

Convert Text to Table or Table to Text

Word 2016 tutorial on how to convert text into a table, that is organized into many cells, or how to convert a table into text - removing the table, but keeping the text.

Tables Quiz


Inserting Symbols Characters

Word 2016 tutorial on how to insert symbols and characters like the copyright and trademark symbols, and small black and white images or special characters.


Word 2016 tutorial on how to enter equation formulas like: fractions, script, radical, integral, matrix, function, bracket, accent, operator and more, into Word by using the equation feature.

Insert Pictures

Word 2016 tutorial on how to insert pictures either from your computer, or online.

Graphics Quiz

Page Appearance

Page Breaks

Word tutorial on how to insert page breaks as well as hiding the margins between pages.

Modify Document's Layout

Word tutorial on how to modify your document's layout including orientation: landscape, and portrait, margins, paper size and center vertically.

Page Border & Color

Word 2016 tutorial on how to add borders and colors to your pages.


Word 2016 tutorial on how to apply a watermark, or a background of pictures or text to every page in your document.

Headers & Footers

Word 2016 tutorial on Headers and Footers, which are basically the top and bottom margins of you pages, and will repeat, or duplicate any text or objects you add to them at the top, or header of each page, and/or the bottom, or footer of each page.

Page Appearance Quiz


Check for Spelling, Grammar & Contextual Errors

Word 2016 tutorial on how to check for spelling, grammar and contextual in your document, and fixing those errors by using Spell Check.

Smart Lookup & Thesaurus

Word 2016 tutorial on using the Smart Lookup feature to look up for definition, or more details of a selected word. The Thesaurus is used to look up for words of like meaning, or synonyms.

Translate Languages

Word 2016 training video on using the Translate Language feature to convert text in one language to another.

Accessibility Checker

Word 2016 training video on the Accessibility Checker which checks your document for content that people with disabilities might find difficult to read.

Readability Statistics

Word 2016 training video on Readability Statistics which is a rating or measurement of the complexity of text, or readability.

Custom Dictionary

Word 2016 training video on how to add words appearing misspelled to your own dictionary and thereby no longer will appear as misspelled.

Word Count

Word 2016 training video on the Word Count feature which counts up the number of: pages, words, characters with and without spaces, paragraphs and lines in your document.


Word 2016 training video on how to use the AutoCorrect feature, which will automatically correct the most commonly misspelled words and can be customized.

Auto-Save Version Control

Word 2016 tutorial on the Auto-Save Version Control feature that can be used to protect your document if you closed out of it without saving it; and by default it's turned on, and by default will automatically save your document every 10 minutes of any additional unsaved changes, and you can change that time.

Proofing Quiz

Course Wrap Up

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