Manage Staff Working From Home

Take your existing business online and run it from home... with staff that work at home
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Run an existing business online so staff can work from home
Setup staff to work at home quickly & easily
Make sure staff are on time & ready to work
Work collaboratively while tracking staff activity
Manage tasks and monitor their progress
Record your computer screen (useful for training or cutting down wordy emails)
Track staff activity & progress
Hold staff meetings online (scheduled or instant)
Make communication quicker & more efficient

Do you need your staff to work from home? Are you worried they won’t be productive and your business will suffer?
I’ll cover everything you need to take your established business online so your staff can work at home.

Containing no fluff, this course will get you, your business and your staff working online quickly so you can go back to making money.

Module 1 – Get Organized With a Central Hub

– Easily work collaboratively without multiple versions of documents flying around on email

– Track staff activity

– Monitor what staff are working on (and how productive they are being)

– Monitor when staff have completed training

Module 2 – Setup (& Improve) Communication

– Learn how to drastically cut down email (the most inefficient form of communication)

– Speed up interactions & conversations, get answers to questions quickly

– Organize conversation topics to always find what you need (without searching through emails)

Module 3 – Manage & Track Tasks (So You Know Exactly What Your Staff Are Doing)

– Easily assign tasks to staff members

– Track what stage a task is at

– Easily manage conversations around a specific task

– Cut down on email chains

– Have a record of completed tasks

Module 4 – Easily Create Videos (Useful for Staff Training)

– Easily record your screen with audio

– Train you staff without needing to be there in person

– Saves writing long, wordy emails

– Create tutorials quickly & easily

– Track & organise videos easily

Module 5 – Host Staff Meetings

– See your staff face to face

– Host scheduled or instant meetings

– Know that they are online and ready to work on-time every day

By the End of This Course You Will:

– Be able to run your business online

– Know how to monitor staff working from home

– Know how to manage staff working from home

– Keep track of all communications and tasks

– Run meetings without needing together everyone together

Join Us:

So join us, cut through the noise and get your business up & running online fast, so you can get back to doing what you do best.



This video is just a quick introduction to me and what to expect from the course.

Creating a Central Hub

Get Organized With a Central Hub

In this video we will build a central hub using Google Drive that will let you:

  • Work collaboratively with your staff on various types of documents

  • Only show documents/folders to certain levels of staff (i.e management/staff)

  • Build a checklist for staff to use while setting themselves up for working from home

  • Create a spreadsheet for tracking videos, staff training etc

Efficient Communication & Reducing Email

Setup (& Improve) Communication

In this video we setup Slack to use for staff communication, a far more effective and quicker method than using email.

We will:

  • Setup Slack

  • Create channels depending on the different sections of your business

  • Learn how to send messages to certain groups of people (i.e management, all staff etc)

  • See the Slack smartphone app in action

Task Management

Manage & Track Tasks (So You Know Exactly What Your Staff Are Doing)

In this video we go over how to manage tasks using Trello.


  • Setting up Trello

  • Creating tasks & assigning them to staff members

  • How to track which stage a task is in

  • How to have conversations on tasks and tag people

  • Uploading attachments, using checklists, labelling and adding due dates

Mentioned in the video: SCRUM (Task Management Method)

SCRUM is designed to be a very simple and clear method of tracking a task's stage of completion.

Essentially individual tasks are organised into three columns : To-Do, Doing, Done which progress through the columns depending on the stage they are at.

Staff Training and/or Reducing Long Emails

Easily Create Videos (Useful for Staff Training & Client Communication)

In this video we cover how to record your screen with audio (& web cam if you wish) using Loom.

This is useful for things like staff training, avoiding long/wordy emails or pointing out changes to websites (for example).

We'll go over:

  • Setting up and installing loom

  • Recording a video

  • How to keep track & organise videos easily using the Google Drive hub we set up earlier

Staff Meetings

Host Staff Meetings or Live Stream (Scheduled or Instant)

This video is all about hosting online staff meetings using Zoom


  • Setting up & installing zoom

  • Scheduled meetings or creating them ad-hoc

  • Saving the meeting video so you can upload it for staff to rewatch

  • Mimic a group meeting

Tip - Set a scheduled, recurring meeting at 9am to make sure your staff are logged on and ready to work on time every day.

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