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Learn and Practice C programming for beginners

C programming for beginners,fundamentals of C programming, C for absolute beginners,C coding,C exercises,C language
Zaki Badr
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Using Comments
Knowing Main Function
Printing the output On Screen
Writing a source code
Knowing how to code using C free 4.0 standard
Making your first program in C
How to debug your program to find the errors
Knowing how to save your projects
knowing how to run your projects
Learning constants and variables
Learning Expressions
Learning Arithmetic operators
Learning statements
Learning statements blocks
Learning Data types and names in C
Learning how to name a variable
Learning Error Types
Learning Arithmetic Assignment Operators
Learning Unary Minus Operator
Learning Incrementing or Decrementing by one
Learning Relational Operators
Learning the cast operator
Learning Reading and Writing to Standard I/O (Input/Output)
Learning the use of scanf() function
Learning the use of printf() function
Learning to add the minimum field width
Learning the precision specifier
Learning if statement
Learning the techniques of using flowcharts
Learning if else statement
Learning nested if statements
Learning the switch statement
Learning the break and continue statement
Learning the goto statements
Learning loops
Learning the for statement
Learning the While statement
Learning the infinite while loop
Learning the do-while statement
Learning the nested loop
Solving many problems by what you have learned.
Learning what an array is and its advantages
Learning declaring arrays data type and size
Learning indexing arrays
Learning initializing arrays with values.

Hello! Welcome.If you really care about learning the basics and fundamentals of any programming languages,you’ll really need to start learning C programming in which most of programming languages based on it.In this course,you’re going to learn the following:

  • Section 1 is an introduction of the instructor.
  • Section 2  the essentials of C programming contains 20 lectures: in which you are going to learn what the program is,what it consists of,understanding different data types and how to assign data values to variables and constants,and much more.
  • Section 3 Manipulating  Data with Operators contains 7 lecturesin which you are going to learn Arithmetic ,assignment operators,increment or decrement by one,and relational operators used in conventional expressions and much more in C programming.
  • Section 4 Reading from and Writing to Standard I/O contains 4 lectures in which you are going to learn how to use the keyboard as an input data to your program using scanf() and more in C programming.
  • Section 5 Decision making and branching contains 5 lectures  in which you are going to learn how to use if,if else,switch,break,and go to statements in C programming.
  • Section 6  iteration or loops  contains 5 lectures in which you are going to learn for,while,infinite while,do while,nested loop statements in C programming.
  • Section 7 Arrays in which you’re going to learn what  an array is and its advantages,declaring arrays data type and size ,indexing arrays,and finally initializing arrays with values.
  • Section 8  Bonus lectures will be uploaded when you finish your C programming course.
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