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How to draw Awesome Poses: Figures in Action

Learn how to draw powerful poses that tell a story for your comics, manga, concept art, storyboards, or even fine art.
Neil Fontaine
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How to draw gestures for awesome poses
How to draw poses that tell a story and show emotions
How to draw characters interacting

If you want to draw awesome comics or manga or even concept art, then you have found the course you need.

In under 4 hours, you will learn everything you need to know in order to draw awesome poses, characters in action that tell a great story, a story people will not be able to put down.

How your characters look is very important. Just like an actor must act well, move his body well, so must we draw our characters in poses that show emotion, that tell the story. You will learn to do that.

What this course is about

Why You Should Take This Course

Want to know why you should take this course? This video tells you why you should.

What you will learn in this course

Check out everything you will learn in this video.

A bit about the instructor

Hey, learn a bit about the instructor, like where he went to school.

What you should know before taking this course

You don't have to know this stuff to take the course, but it is a good idea.

What is gesture drawing?

What gesture drawing is and how it helps

Learn how important gesture drawing is to drawing powerful poses for your comics, manga, or even concept art. Also learn how to draw gesture drawings.

Let's draw a gesture drawing

We take what we have learned about gesture drawing and draw a gesture, then add some details.

Drawings from the course

Here are some of the drawings from the course

Overview of gesture drawing

Movement limits

Learn the limits of the body in movement part A

The body has limits. Limbs can only move so far, and understanding this is important so you can draw your awesome poses. My girlfriend models so we can learn these limits.

Learn the limits of the body in movement part B

We continue to learn the limits of the body.

Learn the limits of the body in movement part C

We continue to learn the limits of the body.

How to draw poses with flexible and solid parts

When drawing poses, it is very helpful to know what parts of the body can move and which cannot. We learn that in this video.

Overview of section 3

The elements of awesome poses

How to keep our figures balanced

We learn how to keep are figures balanced because when they are not, the pose looks odd.

How to find the balancing points in your pose

In this video, we learn how to find the balancing point(s) in your poses.

Overview of balancing figures
How to draw characters in motion

Part of drawing awesome poses is drawing characters in motion. We learn how to do that in this lesson. There are some rules and concepts we learn that will make drawing characters in motion much easier.

How to balance a character in motion--opposing forces

Of course, a character in motion must also be balanced. The concepts are different than when drawing a person not in motion.

Overview of characters in motion
How to draw your characters oozing with emotion part 1

Drawing characters that we just cannot forget, means we must draw characters with emotion. This doesn't mean just in the face. The whole pose should show the emotion. We learn how to do that in this lesson.

How to draw characters oozing with emotion part 2

We continue to learn how to add emotions to our poses.

Overview of drawing characters with emotion
How to tell a story with poses

Our poses should tell a story. Afterall, that is what we are doing when we draw comics and manga. However, even a good piece of art should tell a story. We learn how.

Overview of telling a story with poses
How to draw characters interacting

We learn how to draw characters interacting. We learn to treat them as one gesture.

Common poses in comics and manga

In this lesson, the instructor quickly draws many common poses we find in comics and manga.

Overview of the last two lectures

Here is everything we have learned in this course. Now you can improve your comics, manga, concept art, etc.

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