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How to be more productive working from home

Learn to plan your day strategically so that you can be more productive and have time left over
Christopher Greenwood
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How to be more productive with time left over
How To Dress For Success
How to block your time for the most important tasks

Chris & Melanie Greenwood have been working from home for over 9 years successfully both in California and Toronto.

Melanie runs a design studio, sells original art pieces online via Etsy and retail all across North America.

Chris is a best selling author, entrepreneur and has spoken on over 1000 stages in 21 different countries.

This course will teach you the productivity steps they took to be more effective and get more done in less time.

In this course you will learn practical advice that you can apply to your life immediately and get results:

In this course you will learn:

– How to schedule your week for success

– How to avoid distractions that steal your time

– How to block time your most important tasks

– How to 10x your productivity

Plus a ton more content and of course we are here to answer any questions you have.

Introduction: Know your why

Course Introduction and why we want you to be more productive

Working from home is becoming more of an option for many families and we want to equip you with the tried and tested tools we use in our home based businesses. 

What's your why? Why are you working from home

Knowing your why before you start will give you the motivation to work through any challenges you may experience as you learn to be effective working at home. 

Starting Each Day Off Right

a goodnights sleep will do wonders to your daily productivity

There is a lie that says you can only get 4-6 hours sleep and still operate at top efficiency.  It has been proven time and time again that our bodies need at least 8 hours sleep to work at optimal level.  Do yourself a favor and allow your body to rest and recuperate each night.

Fuel your body with energizing living foods

Before starting work take the time to feed your body with living foods that will give you energy not give you a sudden boost and then crash.  You want to eat for longterm energy throughout the day. 

Dress For Success

Just because your working from home doesn't mean you can't put on make up and your favorite outfits.  There is a certain lift I get of endorphins when I know I look good before I sit down to work.  Almost like a boost of confidence.

Create an environment that you can thrive in without distractions

It really helps to have a place that inspires you or is quiet so that you don't get distracted while working.  If you don't have a lot of space in your house with a door I suggest noise canceling headphones and remember to turn off your cell phone when working. 

Setting up your office right the first time

Having good internet a printer, fax and scanner is crucial for those times when you need to turn something around fast.  Best to have it all in place at the beginning then stressing later on.

10x Your Productivity by Applying This 12 Month Calendar Strategy

Planning out your 12th month calendar for promotions, creation and vacation is super important.  That way your not scrambling last minute. 

Scheduling for Success

Batch Your Week By Scheduling Out Each Day

Batching out your week means you plan out each day ahead of time

Write a list for tomorrow at the end of today's work day

At the end of each work day write down your list for the following day.

Block Time

Block time is when you put on your schedule to smash through a task with no distractions.  This could be certain times of the week on certain days with no interruptions. 

Using online tools to increase productivity

Reminders in your phone and laptop that are synched so that you don't miss an appointment.

Leave yourself margin for the unexpected

If your calendar is so full that if something important comes up you may miss out on an opportunity.  Always leave margin for the unexpected whether that's business or family.

Productivity Tips While Working In Your Home

How to work effectively with young children in the house

Young children require our full attention and that can make working from home extremely difficult. Discover ways to resolve this issue in a way that makes both you and your children feel comfortable. Lose the Mom-guilt / Dad-guilt we all have while we work with these effective tips.

How To Work With Your Spouse Without Killing Each Other

Working with your spouse has a lot of fun especially creating something together, however it's super important to have boundaries and no when to shut it off.

Take breaks and increase your energy

I set a 45 minute timer on my phone that goes off so I know to stand up walk around, get a glass of water and then get back to work again.  This keeps the blood flowing as it's not healthy to be sitting for longer then 45-1hour at a time.  When your working work.  

Extra tip:  When you take a break for lunch don't over eat.  Don't eat pasta or anything with heavy carbs.  You want to eat for energy not get bogged down.  You want something your body can easily digest that gives you energy for the rest of the day instead of stealing your energy. 

Consistency Wins Every Time

It's not about how you start but how you finish and the longer you remain consistent the more ground you take with your business. 

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