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Data Structures and Algorithms Skill ( Interview Questions )

Data Structures and Algorithms Coding Interview Questions Independent of using in C C++ Python Java JavaScript Swift C#
Will test your knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms
Better understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms
Well defined question to enhance the Data Structures and Algorithms Knowledge
175+ questions on various topics of Data Structures and Algorithms
Questions on Algorithm Analysis
Questions to test the understanding of Linked List, Stack & Queue
Test your knowledge of Tree, Sorting, Searching and Hashing
Question on advanced Data Structures topics - Advanced Tree, Graph
Help to prepare for interview on Data Structures and Algorithms

Data Structures and Algorithms provides base for any software development. Good understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms helps to choose appropriate Data Structures and Algorithms to provide efficient solution for complex problems. Choosing of appropriate Data Structures and algorithms has large implications to software. Not only it makes easy to maintain the developed software, also it makes sure that resources are optimized. 

This “Data Structures and Algorithms Skills (Interview Questions)” course gives you opportunity to test your understanding of different Data Structures and Algorithms. Also it helps you to have better understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms. The knowledge gain will help you to choose the appropriate Data Structures and Algorithms while development/maintenance of software.

The practice tests are designed in a way to test your understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms on following-

  • Algorithm Analysis

  • Linked List

  • Stack

  • Queue

  • Tree

  • Advanced Tree

  • Graph

  • Sorting

  • Searching and Hashing

It covers 175+ interview questions on various data structures and algorithms – Algorithm Analysis, Linked List, Stack, Queue, Trees, Advanced Trees, Graphs, Sorting, Searching and Hashing. More questions will be added to improve the knowledge and understanding of various Data Structures and Algorithms.

It will be good if you already know Data Structures and Algorithms or have gone through our courses on Data Structures and Algorithms. 

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