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Calculus 2 Fundamentals

Learn and Master the Integral Calculus concepts
Tanmay Varshney
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Indefinite Integrals - The concept, the power rule, the sum rule, linearity rule, substitution rule, integration by parts, integration of rational & irrational functions, integration of some common & special functions.
Definite Integrals - The concept, Riemann sum, fundamental theorem of calculus, substitution rule, the famous properties of definite integrals.
A lot of practice examples and quizzes along with exposure to miscellaneous problems useful in competitive exams also.
After taking this course, you will be prepared to kick start Calculus 3.

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About this course:

This course focuses on all the fundamental concepts of Integral calculus.

Firstly, you will crush the basics of The Indefinite Integral and then will apply them to learn and master The Definite Integral.

After completing this course, you will be thoroughly prepared to learn the applications of integration like finding the area under the curve, calculating arc length, the surface area of complex functions and many more.

What is Integral Calculus?

Integral Calculus or integration is all about joining smaller pieces to find the total. 

It is actually the opposite of Differential Calculus.

Practical Applications: 

Integral Calculus has numerous applications in fields of:

  1. Physics: to calculate the center of mass, center of gravity, moment of inertia etc

  2. Chemistry: to determine the rate of a chemical reaction

  3. Medical Sciences

  4. Modelling Electronic Circuits 

  5. Predicting Stock Market prices and many more

Hence, it is everywhere.

Course content:

This course has been designed for you to cover all the topics of the Indefinite and Definite integral in an exhaustive manner.

This course is categorized into:

  1. 35+ video lectures covering the core concepts of integral calculus and varied examples.

  2. Miscellaneous Examples to crush the basics even further.

  3. Quizzes to boost your understanding.

  4. Quiz Solutions to help you analyze your solutions in the quizzes

  5. Revision at a glance for a quick re-visit to the concepts and formulae discussed in the course.

  6. Practice Worksheets to let you crush the learned concepts even further

  7. Appendix section for all the formulae, graphs, identities, notations and theorems used throughout the course.


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