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Become Time Management & Productivity Master – Get More Done

The Complete Time Management & Productivity Course Designed To Help You Reduce Stress & Make You Get More Things Done
Yossi Vanunu
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Control your mindset to increase your productivity
Increase your productivity by implementing new techniques in your day-to-day life
How you prioritize everything you have to do and become much more effective
How to execute like a champ and get more things done!

If you feel under pressure because you’re always busy, and you have too much things to do – you’re moving from task to task and can’t finish anything, then this course is designed exactly to help you focus, develop time management skills and get more things done!

I’ve built this course for those who feel that they are unable to increase their productivity (although some of them have some basic knowledge in time management), in order to help them plan their life better and be on top of everything.

I also made this course as practical as possible, since time is the only resource that we can’t earn back.

This course is divided into five sections, each of them is related to the one before, but every lecture is focusing only on one concept each time, so you can watch it again whenever you feel it’s necessary.

In the first section we will focus on our Mindset – Because the mindset always comes first, and we need to control it in order to know where our time goes today, and start getting aware.

In the second section, we will learn how to get started, and map everything you have to do in your life: from routine tasks to one time tasks you have to complete. By the end of this section, you will be familiar your “A Point”, and you will already feel much less stressed.

At the 3rd section, we will begin the prioritizing stage, we will learn how to make better use of our time by organizing priorities, and always make the correct decision when we choose how to spend our time, following a few simple rules.

At the 4th section we will learn how to plan every day and week in our life, using 2 simple systems. We will start get into the flow of time management and simplify our life.

And finally, in the last section, we will learn how to execute like champs and become much more productive, get more things done by implementing few easy techniques and rules into our life.

Here is what some of my students have to say about the course:

Thank you!

This course changed my life and my business, I had some basic knowledge on time management, but I never thought it can get this easy to be more productive. before this course I was drafting schedules on paper, writing down everything I had to do the same day, but my mind was still always busy and I felt constant stress. I was very frustrated and searched for a solution, and i ran into this course. by the fourth section, I already felt everything has changed, I got so much more efficient and got twice more done in my business, and I even had more time to spend with my family. Yossi is very knowledgeable on this subject. He uses simple and easy concepts that I will definitely apply to my life. Everything was really easy to understand. Course is very practical and quick to the point. I highly recommend this course if you want to get more things done in your life.
by Evanka Juin

Simpy easy & Amazing

This course was very informative, a lot of new concepts and ideas for me, everything is explained clearly, Yossi is very practical and gets to the point real quick.
by John Boltaskin

Highly Recommended Course
I took so much from this course, it was very informative, had a lot of great practical examples to apply in life. Thank you very much!
by Anne Duskin

So let’s jump in and start our journey to become more productive!

Preparing Our Mindset

Introduction To This Course
Why Are We Wasting Time?
What’s The Worst Thing That Can Happen?
What Great Things Happen When You Master Time?
Let’s Match Expectations
Basic Definitions For This Course
Basic Rules For Time Mastering
Bad Habits That Delays You
The Four Steps For Time Mastering

Mapping The Current Situation

Time Mapping Exercise
The GDTA Model
Let’s Map!
Let’s GDTA!

The Prioritizing System

Time Estimation
The ‘Instant Rule’
Is It Actionable?
Important or Urgent?
Am I The Best Person For The Mission?
The Prioritization Matrix
Small & Big Stones

Planning The Road

Our Life Categories
Implementing Into The Systems
Weekly Planning
Buffer Times

Time To Start Executing

The Daily Review
Popular Time Wasters
The Pareto Principle
Parkinson’s Law
The ‘Pomodoro’ Technique
The ‘1-3-5’ Rule
The Complete Workflow

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